Monday, February 3, 2014

UPDATE: Rob's Science Fiction Horror Novella, Serpent's Teeth (Avenger of the People), along with his acclaimed short story, Bradbury County, are now available in limited (signed and numbered) hardcover editions. 

Just email Rob at 

for information on how to order this superbly printed hardcover anthology of science fiction. Other authors included are Alastair Reynolds, Mary Rosenblum, Ian Watson, Howard V. Hendrix, Gerald W. Page, John C. Snider, Henry Kuttner, Robert A. Madle, S. P. Somtow, Jerry L. Burge, Jana G. Oliver, Rob Shelsky, Christina Barber, Chesya Burke, A. A. Attanasio, Michael Bishop, P. M. Griffin, Wm. Michael Mott, Wendy Webb, Jason Sizemore, Eugie Foster, Lawrence Barker, and many more. Lavishly illustrated by some of today's hottest artists.
Limited Edition extras include: autographs by Jack McDevitt, Gerald W. Page, and Michael Bishop; postcard featuring art by Mike Bohatch autographed by the artist; bookmark autographed by Mary Rosenblum; and additional original fiction and art by Paul Park, Henry Kuttner, Mark Helwig and others.
This anthology includes the short story "Tinenac" by editor John C. Snider, based on Byron Merritt's winning synopsis,

Get your signed limited edition today, just $49.99 including shipping.  Just email Rob for your copy at:

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