Thursday, June 14, 2018

Note From Rob: I'll be on Radio Wasteland at 9:15 PM Monday night, June 18. The subject is Time Travel, so tune in if you can!

Friday, August 18, 2017


I'm going to be attending the conference, Mysteries of Space. Check it out! I am doing two presentations.


Welcome to the official REGISTRATION website for the 2017 edition of MYSTERIES OF SPACE & SKY !!! 'MYSTERIES' is the longest running UFO conference in the area (about 18 years!), and one of the longest-running in the country! This year, "by popular demand" we are including a special PANEL DISCUSSION, featuring some of the most notable figures and authors in UFOLOGY! Invited panelists include: COL. CHARLES HALT, USAF, RETIRED, coauthor of the revealing recent book on the 1980 Bentwaters incident: "THE HALT PERSPECTIVE". Arguably the world's leading expert on UFO incidents involving water, CARL FEINDT ("UFOs and WATER"), as well as the State Director of Virginia MUFON, SUSAN SWIATEK, are expected to join us. And, special guest, pionering UFO icon & author MR. DON BERLINER ('CRASH AT CORONA") is also slated to participate. These, and perhaps other panelists will be joined by most of the actual speakers of the day, who are as follows..........

The conference will begin (10 a.m.) with presentations by members of VIRGINIA MUFON. Specifically UFO Investigators & TV personalities, TONY ANGIOLA and BEN MOSS, will be giving us a follow-up on their exhaustive investigation of the famous SOCORRO INCIDENT of 1964, and will also discuss their research exploring possible exotic propulsion systems by examing known UAP data. We are expecially excited about welcoming a newcomer to MYSTERIES, author ROB SHELSKY. who will be speaking about his new book 'THE MYSTERY THAT IS MARS" A N D his previous popular book, "THE MOON IS HOLLOW AND ALIENS RULE THE SKY" (both of which Rob will be selling/autographing). Rob has been an invited speaker at a wide variety of venues in and outside of the U.S., and appeared on such radio shows as George Noory's Coast-To-Coast. Rob was also invited to give a presentation (about his book concerning the Moon) at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.!!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

ANOTHER INTERVIEW, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2017 I will be on LATE NIGHT IN THE MIDLANDS, Live starting at 9:30 PM. Here's the info to listen in:

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Note From Rob: I will be on Beyond The Veil, July 22, Friday, 8:00 to 10:00 PM. Pacific Time, and that is 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM, Eastern time. Tune in to listen all about the Invader Moon, and the Hollow Moon! It should be a great discussion! See the link to the right of this post to go to Beyond The Veil.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

My latest book, now out, a look at time travel, if it's real and if it has happened! You'll be amazed at how much evidence there is for time travel! Check out: Time Travel Invasion, available at Amazon in Kindle and Print, as well as in other ebook formats at Smashwords, Nook, and Xinxii, as well as many other distributors.

A new book on all things UFO and Extraterrestrial, INVADER MOON is out through Permuted Press/Simon & Schuster as of February 2016. This book isn't print-on-demand, folks! It's actually going to be on bookstore shelves at all your favorite bookstores!Was the moon always in our skies? UFO investigator Rob Shelsky doesn’t think so.

Did the arrival of our moon trigger the rise of civilization? Did it destroy existing ones? Did it cause the Great Flood? Just who brought the moon to us and why? And did they invade our world as well?

Shelsky supplies compelling evidence our moon is a recent arrival–and it was no accident!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

DEADLY UFOS AND THE DISAPPEARED JUST RELEASED IN eBOOK AND PRINT FORMATS!  extraterrestrials our “space brothers” or is there evidence of something else, something much darker happening? The deadly side of UFOs—just what’s going on? For too long, researchers have overlooked or gl

ossed over the deadly nature of UFOs. Author Rob Shelsky tackles this issue head on. He builds a strong case, drawing evidence from multiple sources, that UFOs are not our friends. In fact, very much the contrary seems to be true.
Step by step, Rob Shelsky argues his viewpoint, building a body of evidence for, and citing cases to support his theory. His topics include:
—Are We The Victims Of Extraterrestrials?
—The Great UFO Conspiracy—An Overview.
—The Great UFO Conspiracy Theory Cover-Up
—Extent Of The Coverup?
—How Far Would Our Government Go?
—Just What Are UFOs?
—UFOs--The Killing Fields.
—Damage Caused By UFOs.
—UFOs Killing People?
—Military Deaths Related To UFOs.
—Deaths Of Investigators, Scientists And Researchers.
—Gigantic UFOs?
—The Truly Bizarre.
—Deadly Forbidden Zones?
—Crop Circles.
—Animal Mutilations.
—Mystery Of The Disappeared.
—The Disappeared—Individuals.
—Disappearance Of Groups Of People.
—Disappearance Of Villages And More.

Something terrible might be in process and Rob Shelsky makes a strong argument as to just what the nature of that "something" is and what it entails for the human race. He not only sums up the problems we face as a species, but shows us just what the consequences might be for all of us as individuals, as well. For those who are squeamish and prefer to think of UFOs as emissaries from a friendly extraterrestrial species, this book probably isn’t for you. Rather, it is a hard-hitting, powerful, and insightful look at the whole UFO question, in black and white, without sugarcoating, what it might mean for us, and what it might mean for the Disappeared.