Monday, November 25, 2013

Aliens On The Moon?

After researching the evidence on this subject for a number of years now, I can't help but believe there is some compelling information to support the idea there could well be, or have been, aliens on the Moon. At the very least, they seem to have watched/observed and dogged our space program, including the landings on the Moon by the Apollo teams. Too many astronauts have said too much on this subject to think otherwise. Too many others having worked for, or subcontracted to NASA also say much the same thing. Photographic evidence (including clearly airbrushed photos from NASA) also hints strongly at this. 

So what does it mean? If aliens are now, or have been on the Moon in our past, if they are "watching us," then the question has to be why? Why are doing this? Are they, as some insist, organized into their own version of our military industrial complex? Are they infiltrating and/or have already infiltrated our governmental structures either directly or indirectly by their menacing presence? Some people, and they are just "fringe elements," think this is so. 

And how about the idea the Moon may be hollow? Is there really any evidence for that? It would seem there is and much more than I thought! And that's why I decided to write a book specifically on this subject.

For The Moon Is Hollow And "They" Rule The Sky is written specifically with all these questions in mind. I attempt to ask all the questions, supply evidence on each of the subtopics, and attempt to draw some conclusions from all of this. This book might be considered a sequel to "DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON "They" Are Watching Us! But unlike that other book, which principally focuses on the idea of aliens and their implications for us here on Earth, this book focuses much more on the Moon itself, and the implications of an alien presence there and perhaps elsewhere in our solar system. I attempt to show the available evidence for the idea the Moon may be hollow, or at least with caverns suitable for alien bases. I show all aspects of the various origin theories of the Moon, how well each may apply and answer just how our Moon came to be, and what some of the drawbacks of each theory are, as well. 

This is meant to be an evenhanded look at the Moon, and many aspects about it. Of course, I have my own conclusions, based on the available evidence, and I include them in the book. 

So watch for For The Moon Is Hollow And "They" Rule The Sky. Debuting in mid-December, this book should be a fascinating look at all things "Moon." And if you think you've heard it all, well you definitely haven't! There is much more to all this than meets the eye.

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