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Time Travel Invasion. Is Time Travel Real? Time Travel Is Real! Time Travel Has Already Been Done! Time Travelers Are Invaders From The Future Or “Elsewhere” And Are Real! These are bold statements, indeed, but Rob Shelsky's nonfiction book goes where most books on the subject of time travel don't dare to! What's more, he supplies evidence from a variety of disciplines and types of sources to back his statements. He lets the readers weigh this evidence. He then let's them decide for themselves. Unlike other books on time travel, the author doesn't attempt to bury the reader with mathematics and formulas of time travel physics. Instead, Rob Shelsky deliberately wrote Time Travel Invasion in an easygoing, down-to-earth style. He gets his points across in clear English and describes various theories of time travel without resorting to unnecessarily complex explanations. Are time travelers altering our timeline? Do they walk amongst us? You may be surprised at how much evidence there is that they might be doing just that! Among the topics covered in Time Travel Invasion are: 
—Is Time Travel Real?
—Has Time Travel Been Accomplished?
—Who Is Doing The Time Traveling?
—Why Are “They” Doing Time Traveling?
—Is Our Timeline Being Manipulated?
—What Would Be The Purpose of Manipulation Of Our Timeline?
—Evidence For The Idea Of Time Travel.
—Backward Time Travel.
—Is Time Travel A “One-Way Street?”
—Can We Be Both Dead And Alive At The Same Time?
—A Quantum Drum.
—Sideways Time Travel.
—Memories of Other Timelines?
—The Mandela Effect.

Author Rob Shelsky provides readers with all the information they need to come to their own conclusions on the idea of whether there is an ongoing time travel invasion, or not. Moreover, some of the evidences suggests incredible and frightening possibilities, even probabilities. So if you want to know more about the whole subject of time travel, whether or not it and time travelers exist, then read Time Travel Invasion...that is, if you can dare to face the answers!

They Are Here!




“He who controls the God Factor controls Earth’s destiny … if it still has one.”

             Ancient evil lays buried deep in the Superstition Mountains. For young photojournalist, Jenna Blakely, and DARPA agent, Kyle Fortnum, the terrifying discovery is only the beginning of their problems. As they soon find to their horror, in their hands they hold the secret to the ultimate fate of the Earth itself. There are those who will stop at nothing to get it.

Jenna, while on assignment for her magazine, captures a picture of a bright beam of light shooting up into the night sky from the mountains of Arizona. Her editor sends her and a coworker, Peter, back to the site to investigate.

But the strange glow has done more than just piqued her editor’s interest alone. Others have noticed. The event triggers a race amongst deadly opposing forces.

The first is a covert inner circle of the Bilderberg Society, intent on finding an alien weapon to achieve their ultimate goals, ones stated on the Guiding Stones of Georgia.

Opposing them is a secret group of Jesuits known as the Hidalgos. They only owe allegiance to a centuries-dead pope. The fanatical Hidalgos are determined on keeping hidden the location of “tainted” gold, the legendary Cibola, the cities of lost gold.

Kyle Fortnum is also sent to investigate. The beam of light has vaporized a military satellite. The government is alarmed. Moreover, the strange ray targeted a distant LaGrange point in space. There, “something” invisible seems to be lurking.

Then there is Barry, Jenna’s abusive ex-boyfriend and fellow journalist. He’s out not only to steal her story and so become famous, but he wants to exact murderous revenge upon her, as well.

A Jesuit priest wanted for a double killing and sworn to stop anyone from finding the gold, Jenna and coworker, Peter, Kyle, assassins, and a maniacal ex-lover, are all thrust into fast-paced, life-or-death situations. They battle for supremacy in the Arizona Superstition Mountains, those of the legendary and famous Lost Dutchman’s Mine.

Somehow, Jenna, Kyle, and Peter must not only find the source of the light, but discover its secrets in time to stop an alien “something” streaking toward Earth on a mission of total destruction. As if this weren’t enough, there is something more, something else buried in those mountains. This is the lethal secret known only as the God Factor, a thing so powerful, it can destroy the entire population of Earth. And he who controls the God Factor will control Earth’s future … if it still has one.

From a murdered priest in Boston to assassins in the Arizona wilderness, the battle begins. Powerful and clandestine societies struggle for control of bizarre alien weapons. A government agent and an innocent young woman fight to survive and win out against incredible odds. Somehow, someway, they must save the world not only from alien destruction, but from human caused devastation, as well.

In this science fiction thriller by bestselling and award nominated author, Rob Shelsky, the war is on for control of the God Factor. The clock is ticking down toward zero hour and not for just one apocalypse, but two. The God Factor, an action-packed tale of international intrigue, suspense, and mystery.


In this science fiction thriller by bestselling and award nominated author, Rob Shelsky, the war is on for control of the CREATOR CODE. The Brotherhood Of The Snake is pitted against an equally ancient organization. But just what is the code? What happens when it's put to use? On thing is certain, Earth will never be the same again!


In this science fiction thriller by bestselling and award nominated author, Rob Shelsky, an amazing discovery is unearthed in the ruins of Babylon. But just what is this discovery and what does it mean for humanity? There is a shadowy organization who will stop at nothing to keep the secret, even to the point of triggering a nuclear war. Can Agent Kyle and his team stop this from happening? To do so, they must first somehow win their freedom, find the murderer of the archaeologist, and somehow prevent a catastrophe. Can they achieve all their goals? Or, is everyone doomed to endure The Babylon Effect?

For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule The Sky

Is there a “No Trespassing” sign on the Moon? Have we been warned away from there by an alien intelligence? Is the Moon hiding a hollow core, one with an alien civilization? Do aliens take to hollowed out worlds out of a very real fear?

If anyone DID NOT BELIEVE our Moon might be hollow, it was UFO Investigator and Author, Rob Shelsky. However, after researching the facts, the author did something he rarely does. He made a complete about-face on his views regarding The Hollow Moon Theory!

Just why did he do this? For a good reason: because the evidence to support the idea of our Moon being hollow was far greater than he had ever suspected and comes from a wide variety of scientific disciplines and sources. The Author discovered there is also a veritable avalanche of evidence for the existence of aliens being on or in a hollow Moon.

If you have ever wondered if the Moon might just be hollow, after reading this book, For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule The Sky, you will wonder no more. This book includes evidence for:

-- Recorded historical evidence for our Moon not always having been in our skies.

-- Discusses the truth of the Spaceship Moon Theory (Hollow Moon Theory).

-- Names the five main theories of our Moon’s origin and what’s wrong with them.

-- Shows evidence for not just one, but possibly two hollow moons!
-- Develops a new theory, that of the Diaspora of alien civilizations to the stars.

-- Bizarre physical oddities about our Moon.

-- Strange evidence for alien structures on the Moon.

-- Weird events show evidence for aliens in space, in our skies, and on the Moon.

-- Convincing evidence and arguments as to just why the Moon is hollow.

-- Documented account of aliens and our astronauts.

-- An in-depth discussion of just what all this may mean for humanity?

And more! The author builds his case for the idea of our Moon being hollow step by easy step, and provides information from a wide variety of sources to support this theory. Is our Moon hollow? Do aliens dwell within it? Do such strange beings rule our sky? The answers all lie in For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule The Sky, a cutting edge look at all the latest ideas, theories, and facts to support them, as well as including a new theory of just why it may well be that all intelligent civilizations might take to the stars in hollowed-out worlds! And what fear drives them to do so!

Available Now: Mysteries Of Mothman!

 Creature of the Night? Macabre monster that can prophesize disasters? The Mothman, is it fact or fiction, and if fact, just what is the mysterious Mothman? Mysteries of Mothman is not only an in-depth look at currently known facts about the Mothman, but this book tries to answer such questions as:
-- How did the Whole Mothman Mystery Begin?
-- What is the True Origin of the Mothman?
-- Just What is the Mothman?
-- What is the Mothman Curse?
-- Is the Mothman Dangerous?
-- What is the Connection to Mothman and Demons?
-- Can the Mothman Really Predict the Future?
-- Is the Mothman an Alien or Something of the Supernatural?
-- Who is Indrid Cold? What does He have to do With Mothman?
In Mysteries of Mothman the author brings all the information together and interprets the most likely conclusions that can be drawn from all the available data. He attempts to provide the answers we all seek regarding the Mothman.

Author Rob Shelsky, discusses the history, the main sightings, and the ramifications of them. The author also shows evidence that not only does the Mothman have a long history on Earth, but it seems to be a very dark one, involving links to beliefs in demons, no less.

Furthermore, the author shows the Mothman is a worldwide phenomenon by citing cases from around the globe. The author discusses the Mothman's connection to disasters, its possible ability to foretell them. What's more, the author even discusses the possible true nature of Mothman, just what it really is. Want to know the answers? Read the book, The Mysteries of Mothman by Rob Shelsky.

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Available Now: New Book on Aliens!

Ancient Alien Empire Megalithia, now at Amazon in Kindle and Print, and at Smashwords in all other eBook formats.

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Available Now: Time Travel Book--Nonfiction

Mysteries Of Time Travel: 35 Of Time Travel Intrusion?

Discover the Mysteries of Time Travel, and explore 35 true cases of:- The incredible Map of the Creator, a 120-million-year-old, aerial map- The 500- million-Year-old hammer- An ancient atomic war still making people sick today- Weather control experiment that killed 35 people in England- Ancient, micro-sized objects found in Russia- Millions-year-old map showing Antarctica without ice- Alexander the Great helped by time travelers- The mysterious plague of Athens- “Divine Winds” that keep changing history…And 26 more amazing examples of time travel intrusion!Authors George Kempland and Rob Shelsky have delved into the mysteries of time travel and found amazing evidence of this already having occurred! Using the powerful Principle of Occam’s Razor, these two authors examine the evidence and come up with some incredible conclusions, build a powerful case for time travel. For those with an interest in time travel, who wonder if it has already happened, this book is a must read!




Available Now:

 The Darker Side Of The Moon 

"They" Are Watching Us

A riveting look at the idea aliens are here, and what it may all mean for us, as individuals. Are we safe? Are the aliens benevolent? Or, are the motives more sinister? Authors Rob Shelsky and George Kempland us the full power of the Principle Occam's Razor to arrive at likely conclusions, just as scientists the world over do.


Listen to WLIP AM 1050 on Sunday evening, March 4, 2012 for a live, hour-long interview on my new book, DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON "They" Are Watching Us! This will be live-streamed at the same time. Just go to the website for WLIP AM 1050, The Mothership Connection for more information: 


This is a new approach to the whole issue of UFOs, USOs, and even discusses the "2012 idea," but with a difference. Just as scientists use the Principle of Occam's Razor to refute the whole idea of UFOs, this book uses the very same principle to show otherwise. What's more, this book arrives at some startling and decidely unsettling conclusions about it all. Are "They" watching us? Read the book and find out! 

Available Now:
Simon Simple & The Dark Tower, a Young Adult Fantasy Novel. For a young Boston street kid, chased by a strange woman who seems to know him, it's the start of a weird adventure. Simon discovers he has powers, and not just any powers, but those of "Magick." The trouble is, his talents don't seem to fit "High" or "Low Magick," but seem to be something else altogether. And when an evil residing in the top of a dark tower decides to single him out, Simon is in deep trouble. He, along with his friends, Joseph and Cassandra, must somehow try to find the answers, and before it's too late!



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Available Now:

Lucia's Crusade, a humorous novella of 1930's English village life done in the style of Author E.F. Benson. Join Lucia, Mapp, and Georgie, as they battle for control of Tilling society.

Available, May 2011 


Guide To Writing & Publishing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, a comprehensive guide to it all. This book is based on eight years of articles on how to write and become successfully published in these genres. With the easy, step-by-step approach, you, too, can become a published writer of science fiction, fantasy, or horror.

Newly Available In March, 2011: 

Dark Dreams Of Love

An anthology of stories just for women.

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Paranormal romances, dark science fiction, and mysterious fantasies. If you like handsome ghosts, cozy murder mysteries set aboard star ships and solved by women, haunting of graves, or heroines battling for survival on hostile worlds, you'll love Dark Dreams Of Love!  

The Following Short Stories and Novellas Now Available

A River Darkly

A short fiction story about a true haunting.  

Just .99 Cents At Amazon!

A summer holiday gone terribly wrong. Instead of solitude and a delightful setting, a young woman finds a ghostly figure haunting a bridge over a river in misty Scotland. And what about those dead children? Was it an accident, murder, or something else entirely?

The Crossroads Ghost 

A fiction novella about a true haunting of a grave on the moors at a lonely crossroads. 

One dark night, Madison stumbles on a terrible secret at the middle of a lonely intersection on the moors. Can she find the solution and set a ghost free? In the process,she may find a love of her own, but at what price?  





November Rose



A short story  set in the WW II London Blitz. 


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 "Rosalie Faire barely had time to scream. The explosion hit as a dazzling flash of inconceivably lurid light. It was as if the heavens themselves had torn apart to reveal the blazing face of a harsh and angry God. The brightness lit up Rosalie’s world, then destroyed it in a moment of ruinous radiance."

And so starts Rosalie's strange new world, one of darkness, for she is blind, may never see again. A stranger, Derek, appears at her hospital bedside. He's loving and kind, but who is he? Why is he there? And what of Thomas, her fiance? He visits, but can he see past her blindness and still love her?

In a London torn by bombing raids, rampant destruction, where daily life, like a candle flame, flickers in the wind, Rosalie must struggle to survive, do her best under such harsh conditions, and despite her blindness. But can she cope? Can she endure? Thomas seems so distant. And the stranger, Derek, is a mystery, a person she has literally never laid eyes upon. Just why is he there for her? Read November Rose, an exciting historical romance set in World War II London to find the answers. 


A Steampunk Novella.  

Engine Of The Gods is a complete story, one set in the Crown And Empire Worlds War series. A fast-paced, adventure-filled tale, with a love interest, it is done in the true style of steampunk, with great care taken to make the background settings historically correct and lavish in detail. Even references to motor pirates have a basis in fact. Carefully woven, this tale is an exciting and fun story that includes airships, "bat men" kidnappings by motor pirates, air balloons, parallel universes, witches, and even "super souls." Look for more Crown And Empires stories to come! See what ultimately becomes of Sir Ambrose and the Lady Permellia.