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  1. Hi Rob,

    I'm just curious where you gathered references for your book 'The Mahabharata codex Ancient Aliens'. Is this a fiction book based on Ramayana? Please let me know. My email is


  2. Great interview on Coast to Coast I'm a new fan... Wow!

    1. Thanks, so much! It was fun doing the show. George is easy to talk to and with.

  3. Loved the coast show. One of the best I've heard so far. Gets your brain rollin.

  4. Joshua, I'm glad you enjoyed the show so much! It makes it worthwhile.

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  6. I'd like to thank everyone for their kind comments!

  7. great interview on coast to coast.. i tried to call in.. my question is why can't u find any super hi resolution pictures of the moon, with all the different cameras we have in space..

  8. Hi Rob, I only get the synopsis of your show but for whatever it's worth can offer some additional "evidence" that the moon was brought in at some point. This will be difficult to consider. I don't know if you know of those called Ti and Do, who the media branded the UFO Two and leaders of the first UFO Cult in 1975, because They said there were from outer space and were here to bring updates to the bible and to fulfill prophecy - both from Texas and who then made (created) the headlines when they chose to leave their "in-carnations" by "laying down the human containers they took over" with their remaining 38 students as the Heavens Gate "cult of truth" - what most saw as suicides with the Hale Bopp comet being their SIGN on the timing to exit (whether there was a craft with it or not). It's a long story. I was in the group for 19 years and have current info, however, Do said he felt the moon was brought in by the Next Evolutionary Level who are not just in control of earth - earth and everything is their "baby" - aka "garden" - experiment "God astronaut training program". They fulfilled the prophecy of the Two Witnesses and ALL prophecy which I bring gobs of evidence to the tiny few willing to take a look but mostly biblical records and related but I've re-translated and re-interpreted the Book of Revelations in context and with at least three clear references to show how Ti and Do were the Father and Son returned, Ti in a woman's body like Rev 12 says that I can detail with every verse to show and Do the Soul "she" birthed to the "thone" (Father position) - to perform the "spirit birth" of their students who had to come back for another "flesh" (water) birth, as Jesus said. The Ceres Lights and the Pluto earth monitoring spacecraft and the Twin Green Comets are heralding the upcoming "green harvest" 4th SEAL time I can bring tons of evidence of. The space aliens are the fallen angels. They don't have a base on the moon or anywhere in space. They are grounded to earth at this time. I only suspect the moon is another Next Level base.

  9. I forgot to select "notify me" on my last comment.


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