Friday, August 18, 2017


I'm going to be attending the conference, Mysteries of Space. Check it out! I am doing two presentations.


Welcome to the official REGISTRATION website for the 2017 edition of MYSTERIES OF SPACE & SKY !!! 'MYSTERIES' is the longest running UFO conference in the area (about 18 years!), and one of the longest-running in the country! This year, "by popular demand" we are including a special PANEL DISCUSSION, featuring some of the most notable figures and authors in UFOLOGY! Invited panelists include: COL. CHARLES HALT, USAF, RETIRED, coauthor of the revealing recent book on the 1980 Bentwaters incident: "THE HALT PERSPECTIVE". Arguably the world's leading expert on UFO incidents involving water, CARL FEINDT ("UFOs and WATER"), as well as the State Director of Virginia MUFON, SUSAN SWIATEK, are expected to join us. And, special guest, pionering UFO icon & author MR. DON BERLINER ('CRASH AT CORONA") is also slated to participate. These, and perhaps other panelists will be joined by most of the actual speakers of the day, who are as follows..........

The conference will begin (10 a.m.) with presentations by members of VIRGINIA MUFON. Specifically UFO Investigators & TV personalities, TONY ANGIOLA and BEN MOSS, will be giving us a follow-up on their exhaustive investigation of the famous SOCORRO INCIDENT of 1964, and will also discuss their research exploring possible exotic propulsion systems by examing known UAP data. We are expecially excited about welcoming a newcomer to MYSTERIES, author ROB SHELSKY. who will be speaking about his new book 'THE MYSTERY THAT IS MARS" A N D his previous popular book, "THE MOON IS HOLLOW AND ALIENS RULE THE SKY" (both of which Rob will be selling/autographing). Rob has been an invited speaker at a wide variety of venues in and outside of the U.S., and appeared on such radio shows as George Noory's Coast-To-Coast. Rob was also invited to give a presentation (about his book concerning the Moon) at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.!!!

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