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Mysteries Of Mothman, a powerful and in-depth new look at the whole mystery and controversy surrounding the creature known as the Mothman. This book delves not only into when the first sightings of Mothman were made and who made them, but goes much further, to discussing possible origins of the creature, if it is even real, and if so, just what is it? Mysteries of Mothman discusses whether the Mothman might be of alien origin, supernatural, or an unknown creature, a "cryptid," that's always existed here. What are the historical references to the Mothman, if any? What are the creature's capabilities? Is it a harbinger of doom, a prophet of catastrophe? Is such a thing even possible? The answers may just surprise you in Rob Shelsky's new book, Mysteries of Mothman. One sale now in Kindle at worldwide, as well as in other eBook formats at Print version available, as well, at Is the Mothman a "thing of dakrness, thing of evil? Read Mysteries of Mothman and find out!

Megalithia, What Is It About? Well, Try This Excerpt From Megalithia Which Describes the Goals of the Book, in the Theories and Contentions of the Authors:

Contention 1. We think aliens came to Earth and established an ancient civilization on this planet, a worldwide one that we’ve named Megalithia. We chose the name for the megalithic stone structures that seem to have been such a hallmark of the era, been such a dominant feature of that civilization.

Contention 2. We believe the aliens were the undisputed and absolute masters of Megalithia. We believe and hope to demonstrate the fact the aliens utterly controlled that civilization in every sense,  virtually every aspect, including economy, transportation, technology, society, government, and even the architecture and the arts. In other words, humans were subjects and slaves, and not much more. At best, perhaps humans might have been lucky enough to be considered trusted servants in some rare instances.

Contention 3. We feel there is evidence there might have been more than one alien species involved. As we delved deeper into this idea, we came across a number of sources of information that seem to strongly support the indication there could well have been more than one alien species visiting here, perhaps many more.

Contention 4. There is evidence these alien species may all have been vying with each other for control. This control was not only of Earth, but this general region of space, as well. The same sources as we will use for our Contention Number 3, above, also suggest there was friction, strife, and ultimately a war among the alien races, and even internal divisions among members of the same species.

Contention 5. It is our belief, backed by various forms of evidence, that a major war or civil war ensued, which also could have involved a human rebellion. If so, this wasn’t just a regional war, but rather a worldwide one, even an interstellar one, given the nature of some of the evidence we’ve found. 

Contention 6. In our estimation, it is almost certain the conflict had disastrous consequences for the aliens. For them, the war may have ended an interstellar empire, or at least destroyed it in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. 

Contention 7. For us humans, the war had disastrous consequences, as well, and meant the utter collapse of the Megalithian civilization. We were plunged as a species into disunity, isolation, and barbarism. The First Great Dark Age, as we call it, came upon us and with it a form of racial amnesia, a loss of memory of what had come before.

Contention 8. Humanity, worldwide, became a retrograde culture. With the withdrawal of our alien overlords and the ensuing chaos, our civilization collapsed. Technology, what little we humans were actually privy to, vanished without the support of the alien over-structure. (Note: We use “over-structure” here, because this term is much more appropriate for what we have in mind, rather than the more usual term, “infrastructure.”)

Contention 9. The very geography of the coastal regions of the world changed and the climate radically altered. Based on maps, real drowned cities, and legends and myths of various cultures, as well as real archeological evidence, we believe a cataclysmic event took place that altered the coastlines of our globe. What’s more, it dramatically changed the climate for the worse. We think this change even involved a new idea of ours, the creation of the “Big Freeze,” otherwise known as the Younger Dryas Period.” This is a new idea, and no one else has thought until now to incorporate it into an overall picture, a synthesis of all the evidence people have talked about with regard to ancient aliens up until now. We feel this theory helps tie our whole premise together.

Contention 10. Up to several millennia would pass before we began to emerge from this primitive state of existence, the First Great Dark Age. A long time would pass before we once more began to grow in numbers and knowledge, and thus pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, but with a difference; this time, the knowledge would be of our own making and so integral to our civilization. This time, we would create what would truly be our “own” civilization. Instead of contained in place by an over-structure imposed on us by aliens, it would be welded solidly together by infrastructures of our own devising.
Our past with the aliens would be forgotten in that long process of recovery. The Megalithian era in our human history would vanish from our collective conscious, except for lingering on in the form of legends, myths, and stories. This, we believe, humanity did—forget. If you think it should be impossible for us to forget such a past, we have examples from recent times of just such events happening. We will discuss these later on in this book, when we discuss each of these contentions in much more detail and provide evidence for them.

Conclusion: We think we can convince you! Now we will proceed to try to do just that with the above list of contentions, and evidence for each of them. It’s important to note these contentions form the structure, the very framework of our theory of Ancient Alien Empire, Megalithia

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