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This book has consistently sold very well, reaching the number one position for several genres and holding it for months, and staying in the top 20 for long periods even now, a year later. Most reviews for it have been excellent. However, there are a minority of those readers who have panned the book, who didn’t like it for a specific reason. It’s a reason that we’ll discuss here shortly. This is their right, of course. We have no problem with that at all. Some people aren’t going to like what I, or George Kempland, write and that’s just life. We have to accept this and move on. And we have. It’s easy to do when most of one’s reviews are very good…

However, there are those particular reviews, as mentioned above, which did especially draw our attention. 


Well, those particular readers/reviewers didn’t like the book solely because they said we were (1) either scaremongering, and/or (2) “our space brothers” (as one put it) aren’t evil, and have only been kind to us and “benevolent.”

We have to ask: Really? Really? Aliens have been kind to us? They are our “space brothers?” Just how do such people arrive at such a conclusion?

Let’s consider their claims for a bit here:

Although in the book we cite numerous cases of deaths, injuries, and dangerous interactions with UFOs/alien encounters by people and vehicles these UFOs interfere with, we only cited a small fraction of the thousands and thousands of such events as reported by people around the world. 

Aliens have time and again buzzed passenger jets and military ones, as well. They’ve been seen over and over again around military bases; there is even film footage of one shining some sort of beam at a test missile being launched and causing it to have to be destroyed. Sightings over another military base with nuclear weapons stored there apparently resulted in electronics concerning those missiles being interfered with and nullified for long minutes. 

Our question? Are these the acts of friendly beings, of “space brothers” and/or sisters? We think not. In fact, we are so convinced of this, we challenge anyone who visits this site to report a beneficial visitation of a UFO or alien encounter in any way. We’re not talking stuff from the biblical era or ancient history here that simply can’t be verified one way or the other. We’re not talking about people with unsupported claims that they are receiving information from aliens mentally, are in contact with them often. Such reports can’t be verified and haven’t been. Not one such report has ever included any factual item to prove such things really occur, like predicting a UFO sighting on a future night, or any sort of event.
No, we’re talking real, concrete reports made in recent times, dating back no more than 50 years of any sort of a beneficial encounter with aliens/UFOs of any sort.

OUR CHALLENGE: We’d like those who claim aliens are helpful and beneficial in any way to put their money where their mouth is. Stop with the ethereal twaddle about how aliens are our brothers and sisters and show us a cited report of how they helped someone, anyone, in any way. 

Can anyone out there in the Internet wilderness come up with such a beneficial visit by UFOs or in ANY alien encounter? We think not! Again, we’re not talking about where people claim with no proof to have been mentally told the aliens are beneficent beings, have only our best interests at heart, are our “space brothers,” etc. Talk is cheap! We want actual evidence of any witness reports where the UFOs or alien encounters involved saved someone’s life, guided a lost child by beaming a light out of a forest, warned occupants that their house was on fire, etc., etc., etc., anything at all! These are just examples, but we’re wide open to the possibilities here. 

We have a plethora of reports, both official and otherwise, of animal mutilations where UFOs were also sighted, of people being injured, frightened, harassed, abducted, physically altered, made pregnant, had their pregnancies terminated, tortured, or even killed. Some of these citations have powerful evidence to back them up, as well, with doctors reporting tumors in such cases, strange burns, symptoms of radiation sickness, strange and horrible deaths of skiers, a military pilot, military scuba divers and so on, ad infinitum.

If any of you have evidence of a single event, even just one event that contradicts this contention of ours, we would love to hear it! Because other than witness reporting soothing words, supposedly mentally given to them while they are being poked, prodded, mutilated, or abducted in some way, we have seen no evidence, and we mean absolutely none, of UFOs or aliens committing any acts of kindness or helpfulness to human beings. And we’ve looked!

So help us out here! Got proof to the contrary? Then send it to us. Post it here as a comment on this site, or email us at:, or And we’ll post it ourselves on our site and even tweet the fact!

“Space brothers?” We just don’t think so! We’d like to think that. We hope it might be possible. But all the evidence, and we mean all of it in modern times seems to point to the contrary—that UFOs and aliens are not our friends. That’s why we felt we had to write the book. But we’d like to proven wrong, just so we could sleep better if nothing else. 

So come on, someone, put your money where your mouth is, and show us something that refutes our claim. We’ve done an enormous amount of research and we can tell you, we’ve found nothing along these lines. 

That’s our challenge. Show us we’re wrong! And you’d better be able to cite your source, just as we have with all of our information in DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON “They” Are Watching Us! If not, then it just doesn’t fly, doesn’t face the litmus test of authenticity in any way. Just one example with a citation would make us feel a lot better. 

We’re betting you can’t come up with even one example! If you can, and we can verify it, we'll send you an ebook in your choice of format, Kindle, epub, mobi, etc., of DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON "They" Are Watching Us! and for free!

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