Monday, July 9, 2012

New Book Just Released by Authors George Kempland and Rob Shelsky

Mysteries Of Time Travel: 35 Cases Of Time Travel Intrusion?

Discover the Mysteries of Time Travel, and explore 35 true cases of:- The incredible Map of the Creator, a 120-million-year-old, aerial map- The 500- million-Year-old hammer- An ancient atomic war still making people sick today- Weather control experiment that killed 35 people in England- Ancient, micro-sized objects found in Russia- Millions-year-old map showing Antarctica without ice- Alexander the Great helped by time travelers- The mysterious plague of Athens- “Divine Winds” that keep changing history…And 26 more amazing examples of time travel intrusion!

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Authors George Kempland and Rob Shelsky have delved into the mysteries of time travel and found amazing evidence of this already having occurred! Using the powerful Principle of Occam’s Razor, these two authors examine the evidence and come up with some incredible conclusions, build a powerful case for time travel. For those with an interest in time travel, who wonder if it has already happened, this book is a must read!

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