Friday, May 16, 2008

What's New In Rob's World

Well everyone, events are moving fast for me of late! I'm gettin' behind in my writing it's been so busy.
First, early this year I had a contract signed for a new novel of mine, a Regency Romance no less, Veracity in Truth. What's more, Awe-Struck Ebooks asked for a sequel, this one, Faith and Fallibility . And, I have also had a request for a science fiction novel from another publisher, and also another novel as well as -- you guessed it -- a Regency Romance. I don't know why they're so darn popular right now, but they are
Although I love to write in general, science fiction and literary are my favorite ways to go.
In any case, besides these piece of good news, I have a long short story, Avenger Of The People, coming out with Aberrant Dreams Magazine's first hard cover anthology this August, a short story, Serpent Caravan, accepted by Dark Wisdom Magazine, and another, Soap Bubbles, in the final reading pool of Dark Recesses Magazine.
Also, I've posted a movie book trailer for my time travel romance novel, Lost Echoes, at YouTube, Yahoo Video, and Facebook. Here's the link:
Or, just search Google on "Lost Echoes" and it will pop up for you. Or, you can go to my home website to see it at:
And, I am a columnist for AlienSkin Magazine, Senior Editor Kay Patterson. So check out any and all of this.
See what I mean? I have been busy! And there's more to come this year. I'm planning a three-week trip to England, Scotland, and Wales in early November, but before then, I have two novels to finish.
And, I'd love to hear from people. Let's share writing tips, and experiences. Just email me at:

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